Product Innovation and Development

Bhutan has well classified crafts work into 13 arts and crafts, which has been replicating for generations. In order to ensure work of the craftsmen does not stagnate in market, HAB embrace the spirit of product innovation and development by using locally available materials, motifs, specialized techniques and technologies through formation of designer’s consortium among the HAB’s members

Product Innovation

One of the challenges our artisans and craftsmen faces is lack of capacity to produce innovative products in response to the changing market demand. This is not about being new or being different but it is about creating new products that customers will love. Therefore, we seek out new designs, techniques, packaging and ideas and keep track of how consumers respond, identifying what works and what doesn’t to give our clients an edge.

Product Adaptation

In order to accomplish foreign marketing purpose and enhance export market opportunities for Bhutan’s traditional handicrafts, HAB helps craftsperson to modify existing traditional products to suit for different customers or markets around the world. An adaptation strategy is particularly important to ensure that products meet local cultural and regulatory requirements of the importing countries.

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