Artisans Support

Artisans and craftsmen in Bhutan are mostly from underprivileged group and this necessarily calls for taking more holistic approach to leverage their social and economic growth:

Skill Development

The gap between what craftsperson can produce and market demands is huge, which results in increasing import of handicrafts from neighboring country. In order to enhance competitiveness of the local craftsmen, HAB initiates numerous skills training on product innovation, adaptation, standardization and packaging including basic entrepreneur training.

Raw Material Depot

Raw materials procuring individually by craftsperson is not favorable in terms of supply, quality and price. Therefore, HAB jointly with the craftsmen initiates bulk purchase of quality raw materials. The primary users of this service are small units of artisans and rural craftsmen. This helps them in cost and scale advantage.

Credit Initiative

One of the key challenges the crafts sector faces is financial burden to start a business due to unavailability of low interest rate credit scheme. HAB aspires to partner with the banking institutions, Business Opportunity and information Centre (BOIC) and other related organizations for initiating affordable financial support scheme for craftsmen.

Technological Up-gradation

The technological up-gradation focuses on supplementing certain components of manual production processes with low cost innovative technologies that facilitates faster and better production

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