Our Partners

Choki is a non profit organization founded with the mission of protecting the culture and traditions of some of the most sacred places left in the world that are under the threat of “globalization.” Through Choki’s support causes, beneficiaries will receive opportunities for human sustainability, security, and empowerment. The economic opportunities are provided only to the world’s poorest communities, who otherwise may continue to suffer the cycle of poverty. Choki wants to accomplish a world of “I believe,” with the purpose to share the beauty of traditional arts and culture with the world. We believe that art has the capacity to create and reinvent life in unimaginable ways.

Develop Bhutan
Develop Bhutan has been formed to support local NGOs in Bhutan and supporttheir work on project related to education, health, and livelihood development, cultural and environmental preservation through capacity building, grant giving and technical support.

Nature & Humans Japan (NHJ)
A NGO based in Japan to advance the research and the practice of Nature & Humans worldwide, and to contribute to building of healthy and peaceful society, maintaining the dignity of Nature & Humans.