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• Take necessary steps to promote, encourage and assist in the development of the handicrafts industry in Bhutan.
• Facilitate the development of the handicraft industry into a profitable and dignified vocation in order to contribute in enhancing rural livelihood.
• To communicate and act as a liaison with the Government, national and international organizations, associations and other mercantile to promote measures in the interest of the handicrafts trade.
• Support and develop arts, crafts and related skills to promote and preserve Bhutan’s unique traditional and cultural heritage.
• Capture international markets through the adaptation and diversification of products in accordance with their saleability.
• Assist any craftsmen or group of craftsmen with information on markets, new product ideas and trainings to enhance skill.
• Obtain affiliation with similar organizations in other countries.
• Organize exhibitions and handicrafts fairs to promote artistic skills and the potential of the handicraft industry in generating income.
• Institute awards for excellence in handicraft related activities.
• Print and publish information material for the benefit of its members.
• Represent handicrafts sector both within and outside the country.