Empowering People With Opportunity

Partner with us for Empowering People with Opportunities..

Bhutan’s economy is characterized by the predominance of agriculture and supplementary home bound activities in arts & crafts such as handloom weaving, painting, sculpture, woodcarving and metal casting etc... These supplementary activities of the Bhutanese economy produce 11 of the 13 arts & crafts products as handicraft items.

Lack of competitive skills and market knowledge are the main issues affecting underprivileged rural and urban craftsmen including people living with disabilities working in crafts sector. Handicrafts Association of Bhutan (HAB) with a mandate to promote crafts to a profitable vocation in the country is committed to achieving lasting change that transforms disadvantaged artisans and craftsmen’s lives through ensuring equal opportunities in skill development, knowledge building, and market accessibility.

To that end, the day-to-day challenges HAB is facing are inadequate fund and exploring markets outside the country. We would like to humbly appeal to all the concerned people worldwide to support us by donating or partnering in marketing our products.