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Traditional Bhutanese handicrafts are unique to most of the world and it is a part of our tangible living culture and heritage. With an increasing pressure from development and globalization observes change in people’s choice and preferences, which threatens our culture. In order to preserve and promote our crafts culture, HAB works closely with relevant national and international organizations.
Public Workshops – HAB in collaboration with committee of tourism associations and other relevant organizations invites local people, craftsmen, tour guides, tour operators, entrepreneurs and experts to join conversations about the importance of traditional crafts and its development. The space is created for providing market information and educating general public in values of traditional crafts.
Partnership With Schools – HAB recognizes youth as very important partner to our mission to preserve and promote traditional craftwork. We provide work related learning experiences to the youth groups through school vocational clubs in craft activities and encourage them to earn pocket money by arranging guaranteed buyback system; in the process youths learn about our crafts and take pride in our cultural heritage.